Eye candy when cabin fever hits hardest. These rods were at the 2005 Autorama, still the biggest, most significant show after Oakland. Here's just a sample from all across the US, from main floor to the basement with the newer "vintage" section.
The months between Christmas and first thaw can be unbearable if you have a garage dwelling rod. So that's why guys named Ridler and Larivee made the Autorama what it's become today. This event was once held at the University of Detroit Field House and the State Fairgrounds. The Autorama was first run by the MHRA in 1952. Take a look at the obsessively built rods on the main floor to see how far it's all come. Looks like bronze was a favorite colour in 2005. Jay-zus I just love that gasser.
A completely over-the-top roadster pickup designed by a guy I kinda know, Christian Dotson and Pinkee's rod shop in Colorado. Fuckin' a. This beer's for you guys. Helluva job. Link to R&C.
Now just 'cause you're in the basement don't mean you get banished from being cool. Hell, I think these three right here epitomize rodding. Check out the gennie '32 ragtop Bill Couch uses to get ice cream on Wednesday nights. You oughta see the custom 34 in their garage too.
Respect from Mid Michigan was in the vintage section and the Shine pickup. Not a MidWest ride, but you gotta give the guys from LoCal Speedshop cred on the fab work. Paint by WD-40. I love that Hupmobile set up by the wall.
That's a genuine time capsule poster of the 9th annual Autorama. MHRA had a colossal display of Michigan rodding history. These guys go way back to the roots of postwar rodding in Michigan. More at MHRA.org
Last but certainly not least, Randy King and the Draggins are always a welcome sight at any local show. Helpful guys with a greasy handshake, beer and a smile. What else ya want. Check out the Broken Dream pics for more of these guys.
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